About the Artist

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Kristen, the owner and artist behind Changing Tides Jewelry. Everything from the actual metalsmithing to packaging, shipping, inventory, social media, etc is all done by yours truly.  This small-scale business is my pride and joy and how I support my family.  You can pretty much bet that most of the time I’m busy being a mom, raising little humans and fur babies, spending time in my workshop doing what I love, and creating art for a living!!  The work I design is heavily inspired by nature and water elements.  I’ve always found my soul at the most peace when I am near either a small mountain lake or the big open ocean. Great effort is made to channel that into each piece of jewelry.  Personally, for me inspiration can be found in the subtle aspects of nature; maybe a tiny fern frond, a perfectly symmetrical seashell, a freshly opened flower bud, or even a rolling coastal wave. 
    The biggest endeavor when designing and creating my jewelry is to convey a sense of strength and empowerment to the new owner.  I envision the wearer of Changing Tides Jewelry to don this artwork as a shield or armor, to be used to uplift and inspire, adorn and empower.  It is my truest desire that my jewelry remind you to love yourself, know your strength, acknowledge your weaknesses, and use all of life’s experiences to shape you into the best version of yourself.
    Another aspect of this business that I’m proud of is the huge effort put into using locally sourced materials in my creations and keeping this business MADE IN THE USA!  As a military veteran, this is incredibly important to me.  What a beautiful thing, that we live in a country where we can create enterprise to support our families with the ingenuity of our minds and the skill of our hands.  
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and supporting this hard working momma!