Copper & Silver Wave Pendant
Copper & Silver Wave Pendant
Copper & Silver Wave Pendant

Copper & Silver Wave Pendant

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For some reason, this one is important to me.  It doesn't have a fancy design or flashy stone.  It doesn't have a perfect seashell sitting in a silver bezel.  But it a representation of an incredibly peaceful and joyous memory.  I stood on the beach, hands on my growing belly, looking out at the stars and moonlight.  I was trying to imagine what my baby's face was going to look like, and the sound of her voice, and who she was going to be. 

To me, this piece represents possibility.  POSSIBILITY! 

That amazing moment when you don't know what is yet to come but you KNOW it is going to be good.  You KNOW that you're in for it all... whatever it may be and you're ready for the new adventure in front of you.

My intent with this is to share that moment of possibility.  We've all been there.  Maybe not standing on a beach, but instead sitting in a car, or laying in bed, and maybe it wasn't the upcoming birth of a child, but instead a job change, or some other intensity.  That moment of possibility and it's all waiting to be written and you're the author!  What amazing moments those are!  They are probably one of my favorites and maybe they are some of yours too. 

  • 5/8" sterling silver and copper pendant
  • hand-sawed and filled wave and moon, and hand-stamped stars  
  • 18" sterling chain
  • A part of the Odysea Collection.

    Made with love in the beautiful beachside city of Pensacola, Florida

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